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The technical term IP Address which is known as Internet Protocol Address works just as if it is your physical home address which gives your computer a perfect and recognizable physical location. Your Internet Protocol Address has to be unique to every PC that is getting a connection from the web. Nevertheless, cyber hackers tend to rob you of your personal information from your computer so it is very important to know several ways to hide your IP address. Staying safe online is very necessary in which your passwords play a vital role, but your IP address is the way through which your safety can be compromised. Internet providers provide you with IP address which is just like your home address, which makes you prone to anyone looking to steal your data. So in order for you to stay safe you might want to consider there tools.

Proxy server

Making use of a proxy server is the most common method of hiding your IP address. The proxy enables computer users to have access to network connections indirectly to other networks. Listed below are some of the strategies you can use while making use of a proxy server.

Browser configured proxy servers: these are servers that operate alone and they are usually free and easily accessed from the internet.

Website dependent servers: this is a website which permits you to anonymously access a website by submitting a form with the websites URL. These proxy servers demand for permissions for ease of access of the website you want to visit using this form. This website does not give out your IP address during the request, and it always refuse to identify itself as a proxy server for protection sake. Most website- based proxy servers can be acquired for free meanwhile some might come with a token. Most proxy servers are not always reliable

Installed Software Servers: these are made available with just a minimal access fee, due to the fact that these proxy servers are faster more reliable to utilize and security guaranteed. An example of this is ExpressVPN.

Another effective and safety guaranteed way of hiding your IP address is the use of the Hide IP software, this is the one I term as been the most reliable. You can easily search for any of them using the search engines, you will get quite a handful to choose from, you purchase online and then proceed to download. Here are a few factors that can help you with your selection just to make sure you are making a good investment.

  • Reliability and features: Consider what it has to offer when compared to others. The more feature it possesses the more efficient it is in carrying out your purpose. You will also want to take into consideration how easy it is to set up and use. There are so many of these Hide IP software providers that offer a trial period, which gives you some time to access their full service and evaluate it if it works for you before ordering for a full subscription. You might also want to consider their server locations.
  • Customer service: It can be really helpful if their customer service is easily accessible, so you will be able to get any help you need as soon as possible. A good interaction with their customer service section will also help to know more about their product before making the purchase.
  • Pricing: The software should come at reasonable prices and easily affordable. Be aware that you may be required to make a yearly subscription or monthly subscription. You need to do all necessary calculations to see whether the available plans fit into your budget, and also check out for their flexibility. You also need to consider their payment options before you make the purchase.

Here is a list of what the Hide IP software can offer you:

  • Anonymity while surfing the web
  • Your privacy is guaranteed from computer hackers.
  • You will be able to send anonymous emails.
  • Quick ease of access from blocked and banned websites.
  • Easy procedure in hiding your systems IP address.

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