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Do I Need A VPN ?

do i need a vpnWe all use the internet every day. We connect through our phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. We connect from our homes, offices, coffee shop, airport, even in a foreign country. With so many of us connecting to the internet from so many different locations, devices, and times of the day, we are exposed to different levels of risks and restrictions from hackers and regulatory agencies under these different circumstances. VPN offers us a way to minimize or eliminate those risks.

However, many of us still wonder why we need a VPN, you probably think you are okay connecting directly to the internet the way you always have. But that is not very true in the present world, a world of hackers, a world where there are restrictions from what you can access from different location. This article is about the reason why you need a VPN. We will list out a few reasons a VPN will be useful to you whether you are home or abroad.

But first, let’s talk briefly on what a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network basically does two things. One, it encrypts your signal so that hackers cannot see what information you are accessing or downloading via the internet. Secondly, it changes your IP to make it look like you are in a different state, country, or even continent.

Why Do I Need a VPN?


Now to the main question, why do we need VPNs? There are more than a few practical reasons you should invest in a VPN service. The reasons revolve around providing privacy and protection regardless of when, where, or how use the internet. Here are a few examples of what you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for.

To Access Restricted Websites: Some websites like Netflix and Pandora do not allow non Americans full access to their services. In some countries, these services are completely restricted to both locals and foreigners. So what happens if you travel to such countries for business or work? Only two things can happen, either you miss all your favorite shows and movies, which you paid for, or you get yourself a very good VPN like ExpressVPN and the restrictions goes out the window.

How does a VPN help me access Netflix? Simple, it makes it seem you are connecting from the United States by changing your IP address. This way you can stream all you want from anywhere in the world.

Anonymous P2P File Sharing          

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a civil lawsuit for copyright infringement. Those kinds of cases have the habit of emptying people’s account balance. With a few bucks invested in a VPN, you can be sure the MPAA cannot eavesdrop on your ISP signal. Even if they masquerade themselves as P2P users, you would appear to them as a citizen of another country where they have no jurisdiction. That is what VPN can do for you.

Protection While Connected to Public Networks

Do you connect to the internet using public Wi-Fi? Places like the coffee shop or airport are not the most secure places to access the internet from. In fact, even newbie hackers may be able to access your data when you are connected to a public network. This is even more dangerous if you are shopping online at the time or if you are using your online banking services. This is how people suffer identity or credit card fraud.

With a very good VPN provider, like ExpressVPN, you can be sure your data is encrypted and hidden away from prying eyes, even on a public network.  

Getting Around Network Restrictions

VPN can be used to break out of restrictions to your internet use. For example, your school or employer can deny you access to Gmail, Yahoo, facebook, twitter or other social website. If you have enough time on your hands and you want to do something important on any blocked websites, then a VPN is your best and safest best. VPNs like ExpressVPN even encrypt your data so that the network administrator will not be able to check which website you visited. This gives you the freedom to visit any website you want and not get caught.

Protecting Your Real Identity

With the increase of cyber stalking and similar online crimes, your identity has become something that must be jealously guarded. Some people have has their credit card information or identity stolen through public Wi-Fi networks. This is highly unlikely with the use of a VPN. If you would like to keep your life private from prying eyes and browse anonymously, being free to enter and websites and enjoy true freedom online, then you should register with a very good VPN service provider.



Many countries like China, Iran and UAE now censor internet use; even the USA monitors online activities. With the rising trend of ‘legal snooping’ of our private lives by the authorities, you might not know when they would outlaw something you really enjoy doing online. VPN offers you the protection you need, allowing you to enjoy all the internet has to offer without being told what you can or cannot do. And god knows you deserve your freedom as long as your activities do not harm anyone.

Your choice of VPN service provider is also important. You certainly do not want a VPN that would fail you while you are connected to a restricted website, revealing your identity suddenly and getting you banned or liable for prosecution. I have tried a few of these service providers in the past and I have learnt from experience. If I would recommend a VPN for you, it certainly would be ExpressVPN. With them you can be rest assured you are protected across all your devices.

So there you have it – why you need a VPN. You must have learnt one or two things from this article. Please let us know if you have any questions so we answer them for you. If you have any opinion to air, feel free to leave your comments below.

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