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Easy-Hide-IP Review:easyhideip

Almost everyone uses the internet nowadays but the question is “is it safe?”. There are alot of harmful threats on the internet that can damage not just our computers but our lives as well. But this is the digital era and almost everything can be connected to the internet. So people wanted to maximize their connectivity, speed, and security.

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Price is everything in the modern era in order to win a war. If we look at the prices of other VPNs on the internet, we come to know Easy-Hide-IP price is not much attractive as per its service. The reason of being given 4 star is that some VPNs provide the same service and features at the same price.

Payment Options:4starrating

The payment options that Easy-Hide-IP offer are Paypal, Credit Cards and Perfect Money, but not Bitcoin, which has become an important part of the internet in the modern age. There are many countries in the world where Paypal is not accepted and the above mentioned payment options are not available. That’s why, Bitcoin should be included.


Easy-Hide-IP doesn’t provide you speed more than 4 Mbps whereas the speed is the maximum that can be provided. If you’re looking for a faster VPN, then it’s not the option. In other words, If you want to watch a movie at ultra on Netflix, it would lag.

When it comes to reliability, its three-day trial is not good as many VPNs in the market offer the same service in a longer period of trial. In order to check the reliability of a VPN, a trial version is given so that its strength and weakness can be measured which is only possible if more days are given. Minimum it should be 10-15 days as alternative VPNs offer. The more the days, the more we can check how is the VPN.

Software Features:3starrating

The VPN has many features from changing a server to another country to connecting to classic protocol. Easy-Hide-IP has interface only available for Microsoft Windows, but not to Mac or Linux. On other operating systems, you have to establish its connection manually, of course, it’s miserable for some people. It has only basic features whereas some people need advanced feature as other VPNs provide such as multi-device support. It doesn’t make sense because people use different devices at home.

Many people around the world want to keep everything secure from a laptop to a mobile as it has no app for connecting to android phones rather you have to do it manually.

Server Locations:4starrating

It’s the VPN that offer few servers around the world. It provides the service in 17 countries with 50 servers only as other VPNs have more servers in many countries at the same price. It means if you’re looking for a specific IP for connecting that is not included in the list, it means you don’t need the VPN.

Customer Service:2starrating

Being a VPN, customer service plays an important role, but Easy-Hide-IP has poor customer service. The VPN is called the best if it provides live-chat, call options, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. In the modern world, no one wants to be waited because we all do busy. Easy-Hide-IP offers only e-mail support, you know how long it takes time to be responded in that way. Even if you buy its premium package, the VPN doesn’t let you the live-chat rather e-mail.

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