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Almost everyone uses the internet nowadays but the question is “is it safe?”. There are alot of harmful threats on the internet that can damage not just our computers but our lives as well. But this is the digital era and almost everything can be connected to the internet. So people wanted to maximize their connectivity, speed, and security.


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Price:best vpn service

Every VPN service is trying hard in order to get success on the internet, but only few are winners. The same goes for buying a VPN – a competitive price for a VPN in order to dominate the market is essential. The more cheap it is, the more people will buy it – service quality is important as well. Hide IP Pro provides VPN service at 7$ per month. There are many VPNs on the internet that offer the same service at cheaper rates. You can buy it in a one-time payment that is about 29$. If you want to buy a VPN in one go then it’s a good choice, but there are many other VPNs on the internet that can provide much better price, service and features.

Payment Options:3starrating

Every Person has different a payment option what he likes. That’s why, Hide IP Pro accepts many payment options such as Paypal, Bitcoin, and MasterCard etc. In terms of payment options, Hide IP Pro is one step ahead. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can buy it easily. Some people might not like it because it doesn’t offer Payza as a payment option. People like the service which offers more payment options.


The reliability of a VPN is very important because all game depends on it. The more the VPN is reliable, the more trustful it would be. Hide IP Pro is much reliable as per its price as it offers. Sometimes it gets disconnected when you surf the internet for a long time. In order to check its reliability, it offers a trail of 7 days that is good, but not as compared to other VPNs on the internet. Because some VPN provide a trial period of 30 days at the same price.

Software Features:4starrating

The VPN has many features, but its interface is not fantastic and easy to use. Even a cheaper VPN has a better interface and features as compared to it. By the way, you can connect to the different servers in the world with one click. If you need features such as multi device support, an advanced app for android phones and for iOS then the VPN has not the feature.

Server Locations:3starrating

Hide IP Pro has not many servers over the world as compared to its other VPNs at the same price. It has servers as per its official website in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany, France and Russia. There are many VPNs in the market that has more than 50 server at a cheap rate.

Customer Service:1starrating

Customer Service is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a VPN. Because everyone faces a problem, occasionally. The customer service offered by Hide IP Pro is not the quality service. It has fixed time for contacting. It means when you face a problem, and that time the service is not available then you might get furious. In that case, you have to contact with e-mail service, which takes time to be responded.

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