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People spend most of their time online. May it be work related, school research, or personal use. Let’s face it, we are living in the digital era. The internet offers a lot of good, bad, and complications. Would it be great to surf the Internet knowing that your identity and device is protected? That you could access and bypass any restrictions online? Stop hackers from stealing from you? Just use a VPN and all of these are possible. But don’t just use any VPN, use the best in the market. Hide My Ass VPN.

How HideMyAss VPN Works?

VPN works as a virtual PO Box in the Internet. It is a virtual address that nobody can trace back to you. Every time you surf or access any website online, HMA VPN gives out their own IP address and keeps yours safe and secure. All the data from the website will be delivered to HMA VPN and transferred to you fast and safe. Nobody can find out your information, location, and activity online.

Every country has restrictions and blocked websites or videos. By using HMA VPN, you’ll be able to access all those restricted websites and video by choosing a different location. You’ll appear in that location using a HMA VPN server located in that area.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way of surfing online in the Internet using a safe and secure private network. VPN will encrypt your information and it goes through a remote server where it keeps your information, location, and activity private.

Hide My Ass VPN works on all devices

HMA VPN is the only VPN that works on any device you like. This includes smart TV, smartphones, tablets, or game consoles. You can use it on iOS, Android, Mac, or windows. You can even use two devices on the same time.



Price:best vpn service


hidemyass price

HideMyAss VPN offers the best reasonable and affordable prices with a 30 days money back guarantee.

  1. 1 month subscription for only  ( $11.52 per month)
  2. 6 months subscription for only ( $8.33 per month) Save 28%
  3. 12 months subscription for only ( $6.55 per month) Save 43% (TOP OFFER)



Payment Options:best vpn service

HideMyAss VPN offers a wide range of payment options. Credit cards, Paypal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, DalPay, and Google Checkout. powered by Truste certified privacy and Norton secured.



HMA VPN is very reliable compare to other VPN providers. You rarely experience any connection drops. There are no slow connection speed. You maintain your Internet speed while using HMA VPN.

“The Problem In This Service, it’s provide your logs if the UK Gov order this. ” “but HMA Very Good VPN Service”

An anonymous reader writes

“People use VPN services to hide their identities online, right? And a UK-based service called HideMyAss would seem to fit that bill perfectly. Not so, unfortunately: they have to hand over the logs to the FBI when a UK judge tells them to.”

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Software Features:best vpn service


HMA VPN connection works easy and fast. Simply log in using your username and password. Choose a VPN server and connect. HMA VPN works immediately. It even tells you which server has the least number of users connected so you can connect to a least crowded server.

Server Selection

HMA VPN shows you your physical location and locates the nearest server for faster connection. You can see the distance between your location and other servers. You can even select random servers for more anonymity.

IP Address Setting

HMA VPN offers schedule IP change where you can randomly select a different IP address in a set time interval. You can even view previous IP addresses that you had used. There are third party websites that can help check the current IP address you are using.

Secure IP Bind

HMA VPN has a feature called secure IP bind which enables you to select specific applications to only connect to the internet if you are using HMA VPN. Even if you get disconnected from the servers, these applications will not revert back to your unencrypted connation.

Speed Guide

Looking for the fastest server connections is tiresome. HMA VPN helps you locate the fastest server by running speed guide. You’ll be able to connect to the best server suited for your connection.


Server Locations:best vpn service

HideMyAss VPN has a lot of servers in different countries than other VPN provider. You’ll have access to 848 VPN servers in 300 different locations in 182 countries worldwide. Even with this number of servers, HMA VPN continues to add more servers in different locations. This allows you to have a faster connection and a wide range of access to restricted and blocked content in the Internet. HMA VPN gives you 113,997 IP addresses that you can use. You’ll be able to surf online faster, safer, and you won’t be in the same location for long.


Customer Service:best vpn service

No other VPN provider can even come close with HMA VPN’s customer service. HideMyAss VPN has the best customer service in the market. You’ll have access to community forums where there are staff who are constantly online that can answer your questions. There is an available online chat support and email support. HMA VPN also updates their clients for news, updates, and new server information.


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