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How To Hide Your IP Address

how to hide ip address

How to Hide Your IP Address:


In order to connect to the Internet, a computer should an IP address. You can either use the most common IPv4 address commonly referred to as IP or the most recent form known as IPv6. What normally happens is that as you access the various sites on the Internet, the servers that your computer sends requests to keep normally log information. Many at times these internet logs give a trail of your Internet activity and can always be tracked. If there were a way of hiding this trail or masking your IP, that would be really awesome if you do not want to be tracked. Unfortunately, from your home network environment, it may not be possible to hide your public IP from the rest of the world. This is because hiding it renders the computer useless and you cannot be able to access the internet at any cost. Most people choose to be safe from hackers and other criminals by hiding their IP addresses from the sites they visit. This article therefore discusses the reasons for hiding your IP, common ways on how to hide ip address and the best of these methods.

Reasons for Hiding an IP Address:

Ideally, there is a wide range of reasons why people would want to hide their IPs from the rest of the internet users or tracking systems. Here are a few most popular reasons why people conceal their Internet addresses.

  • To protect one’s identity: When you want to navigate the internet, it is important to hide your IP so that your vital information will not be disclosed to every other person. It is important to understand that with your IP address, someone will be able to know your geographical location, your Internet Service Provider and thus can easily breach your security. Since the internet is a public place, there are many suspicious people and if you can, use tools that help you mask your IP address.
  • Hide your location: The other most important reason people hide their IP address is to hide their location. Remember criminal minded individual can use technology to tract you.
  •  Prevent website tracking: It is good to know that as you access any webpage, the owner of the website retains log information of the various visitors. When monitored, your IP can be tracked easily.

Ways of Hiding Your IP Address:

There are various ways that you can use to hide your IP address. Two of the most important are discussed in this article. These are: using a proxy server and a Virtual Private Network. As will be seen, one is secure and more reliable than the other.

Using a Proxy Server (Anonymous):

A proxy server is an anonymous device that bridges your home network from the rest of the internet. It is commonly referred to as “proxy”. This server makes internet requests and receives queries and results from the Internet on your behalf while using its own IP address. When used in your home network, websites see the address of the proxy server and not your public IP address. In order to use a proxy server, a simple configuration of your web browser is required.

Technically, web proxies are identified as a combination of a URL and a specific TCP port number. Getting a proxy server to use is simple since several anonymous proxy servers exist on the Internet are free for anyone to use. However, these proxies server from bandwidth limitations, latency problems and have poor reliability. Some might even experience long downtimes when in use. There are also anonymous proxies that charge some amounts and thus give better quality and reliability.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Simply put, VPNs are the encryption services that used in your internet connection so as to make you invisible to anybody trying to spy your internet use. Regardless of whether it is your service provider, a government agency, an advertising firm or a data mining company. Thus a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a special connectivity to another network. When in a VPN environment, a VPN server/ concentrator assigns your home computer an IP address from its pool of IP addresses. Even so, the traffic to and from the internet from your machine is routed by the VPN network. Therefore, your IP assigned by the Internet Service Provider is hidden from the accessed site. Apart from allowing you to hide your IP address from the rest of the internet site, a VPN service also allows you to access every other network even though your organization does not allow such site access. It is possible to find VPN services for free or at a small fee.

Using a trusted Virtual Private Network provider such as ExpressVPN is not only a safe and more secure way but is also a way to evade the organization’s rules and access sites from which traffic has been blocked by the organization.

Advantages of a VPN:

Although there are very many benefits of using a VPN, this article outlines a few of the most important advantages.

  1. It allows users to by-pass geographical restrictions and thus prevent censorship concerns.
  2. One can forget the fear of online surveillance.
  3. A VPN conceals your real IP and assigns you a mask for use on the Internet.
  4. It promises an outstanding data security level by providing encryption levels ranging between 128 and 2048 bits.
  5. You can upload, share and even download torrents with a VPN without any fear or restriction.

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In order to solve the diverse concerns faced today in the digital world regarding censorships and geo-restrictions, a way of hiding one’s IP address should be employed. Many people live in fear of internet access because of the cyber criminals who seem to be always in wait ready to strike at any time. However, use of proxies and VPN is the tool that can be used to solve this menace and restore liberty and freedom. Nevertheless, concerning security, VPN prove to be the best option. Above all, getting a trusted VPN service provider is important. When choosing a provider, consider well known and quality providers such as ExpressVPN.


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