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How to Unblock YouTube

how to unblock youtube

As you all know that in some part of the world it is very difficult to browse YouTube because YouTube is blocked by governments of those countries either because of some internal or religious issues. As everyone know that these days YouTube is the third most visited site all around the world. Almost 99% people who have little knowledge about internet will describe you easily what is importance of YouTube and what YouTube is. The countries like China, Iran, and Pakistan etc are unable to use YouTube because YouTube is blocked in those countries because of some issues. But majority of people are still using YouTube in these types of countries easily. YouTube is a great source of information and it contains as much information as any search engine. We can say in other words that it is a pool of information. YouTube is basically a video site where you can find any video on any topic and you can also share your own video on it.

If you are a student or working person and somehow YouTube is blocked in your country due to any reason political or non political or any religious reason and you cannot learn properly without YouTube although there are many other video sharing sites but they don’t contain as much information as YouTube. If YouTube is the only source of entrainment or learning for you then don’t worry because there is a solution to every problem. In these days of technology visiting a blocked site is not a big deal for anyone. You don’t need to become expert first then unblock YouTube it is very easy that a teenage or school going boy can also do this. Don’t become shocked it is not a difficult task for you to Unblock YouTube easily if YouTube is blocked in your country. If you are worried that YouTube is blocked in your country and you are thinking that you cannot use this amazing website again then you are wrong. The Technology has so much improved these days and there are millions of software’s which are easily available on internet or market by which you can easily use YouTube if it is blocked in your country.

People in those countries where YouTube is blocked easily use YouTube because of proxies. Proxies or Vpn are the types of software are which are highly recommended and used to unblock the websites which are blocked in any country. Vpn also known as virtual private network which allows you to enable private computer to get connected with public network to receive and send the data between these two networks .Lets make everything simple for you if you are trying to utilize this to open or unblock YouTube in your country. There are different kinds of VPN (virtual private network) available in market but you have to be careful before choosing this because choosing or buying this from wrong company can make your computer in trouble and give you worries.

The working of VPN is very simple and we will make easy for you to understand. Vpn is basically a software when you install it in your computer or mobile it will simply change your IP address and when your IP address is changed you can easily unblock YouTube and you can also unblock any other site as well which is blocked in your country. When you use VPN the IP address of your country is changed and when the IP address of your computer is changed then defiantly the location of your internet will also changed. There are random IP addresses of different countries and different locations are available in Vpn. So choosing a right and computer friendly VPN is very important for you. If you want to unblock YouTube then VPN is best choice for you.

What is Best VPN For You?

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There are thousands of VPN software’s which are available in market or internet. In order to choose computer friendly VPN we will suggest you to use the VPN name as ExpressVPN.The reason why we recommend this VPN because this VPN is trusted and it is used by thousands of satisfied customers across the world. There are two kinds of methods if you want to unblock YouTube in your country. The first method is by using proxy and the other method is by using trusted VPN.The working of both is very different from each other although they both change your IP address but there is a difference. The proxy settings only work for your internet browser which you are using but the VPN service not only change the IP address of your Computer but also changes the server of your computer and the speed of your computer is also increased because of the sever. We don’t recommend proxies because they are not trusted and they can be harmful for your computer systems. Because of the proxies many viruses can enter to your computer and they can slow the speed of your computer and harm your precious data. The best thing to use is VPN because they are trusted and they are computer friendly. The VPN will never harm your computer and they will give you best speed and best quality of work. If you want to unblock YouTube then we will recommend you to use VPN instead of proxies. The reason why we recommend VPN not proxies is because everyone is looking for best thing which will work for them and the second reason is that it is very affordable for everyone because VPN is best to be used in these rates which you will not find anywhere else. These days there is much fraud in the market where they will play or miss use your money which you have earned by hard work. If you are willing to purchase a trusted and high quality VPN which will work fine for you then we will highly recommend you to purchase Hide my ass VPN because of its quality. If you purchase proxies then there will be no guarantee at all but in VPN services if you have any problem they will give you your money back.

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