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Technology is changing the way companies and individuals work, get information, entertain, among other thirds. Today firms of all kinds have realized the huge benefits of using a VPN, since these networks allow them to reduce costs right away. We are going to talk a little bit about what a VPN is, benefits, features, and many other important aspects. There are different types of VPNs that allow firms do specific things, therefore we are going to dedicate a small section of the article to this topic. We are going to deal with these topics in detail so that you can get the most out of them as soon as possible.

What is VPN ?

A VPN or virtual private network is just a network of computers that allow any individual or company to access and share information from anywhere. The connection is private because only members of the network are allowed to get access to it, and it is virtual because the network employs the Internet to interconnect computers instead of a direct connection. Since more people realize both the advance in security and the benefits of VPNs, these types of networks are now in fashion all over the world.
Companies can benefit a lot from VPNs since these networks allow their employees to collaborate even if they are scattered around the planet. Telecommuting is another benefit brought about by VPNs, which reduces the costs of leases, transportation, among other things. The firm also saves on long distance calls, as employees can now communicate via message boards and chat rooms. Since a VPN network does not uses a WAN line, the cost of making a VPN is significantly lower than that of a normal network.
Types of VPNs :
The are three types of VPNs out there. Remote-access VPNs allow employees work and communicate off-site such as while traveling or from home. Intranet-based VPNs are networks that allow employees to get access to any information only from specific locations inside the firm. Extranet-based networks allow employees to get access to any information from outside the firm. For instance, a supplier that uses a just-in-time system might have access to an extranet-based VPN so that the inventory of the firm can be replenished on time.
Features :
Scalability, security and reliability are some features of VPNs. Scalability is the capacity of the VPN to change and expand when the current configuration does not meet user’s demands. Network management allows the company to make changes to the VPN quickly.
Since VPNs allow anyone to get access to remote computers anywhere in the world, firms of all kinds are taking advantage of this situation. They can use a VPN to get a competitive edge, as these networks make the job of any employee more effective. Employees can now work from anywhere and get the job done as if they were located in the premises of the company. This is in case the VPN allow an employee to get access to the computers of the firm from outside the firm. A VPN must be secure, scalable and reliable at the same time, which are some of the features that attract so many people to this type of network.

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