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What You Should Know About VPN

What You Should Know About VPN

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) and passwords perform a vital role when it comes to protecting your identity. Nevertheless, your IP address can give room to problems that can compromise your online protection. VPN beneficial for remote workers so as to help them connect to office resources like file shares, internal web portals even without their physical presence at the office.

There are several VPN protocols and types of VPN. LAN-to-LAN VPNs can be used for connecting multiple networks together. For instance, a corporate firm may want to establish connectivity to several branch offices for resource access and internal communication. This permits edge firewalls to block any outside access trying to connect into its protected resources, but will still give access to VPN connections as if they are already on the network. IPSec is a group of security protocols that are mostly used for LAN-to-LAN VPNs, which offers a wide range of variable scrambled and authentication protocols.

Moreover, Microsoft Windows often comes with PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) in-built, which offers an easy passage to roll out. However, PPTP depends on a weak encryption protocol known as MS-CHAP, which renders it out of favour. Apart from allowing access to remote workers, VPN is most times used to cover up a host’s real identity. This brings up a security concern since VPN can be used to create an encryption tunnel to convey confidential information off from a company’s LAN. Current data loss prevention (DLP) and firewall procedures restricting outgoing VPN connections are a good way to start up, but SSL is so difficult to accurately block, this is due to the fact that most authentic secure websites make use of SSL. SSL VPNs are fast rising for use as a remote access VPNs as they offer a more secure connection, and it is however the easiest option for remote workers. VPN services can be subscribed to just to conceal your real IP address. For instance if a website or service is restricted in the United States and you want to access it, you can make use of a UK VPN server to access the website from the US without no restriction as it would appear that you are in the UK. Here are some of the things you might want to consider while making your choice of VPN so as not to compromise your online identity.

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Diverse VPN service providers make use of different protocols. Meanwhile some of the most common ones are: OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec and L2TP. You have to research and find out which kind of protocol your intending VPN provider uses. You need to ignore a provider using PPTP as this is old-fashioned and utilizes a very weak encryption. Ina addition, it is discovered that it has security issues. IPsec is way much better than PPTP, but it lacks speed during connection. It is easy to find its security assessment when you use other protocol to access it such as OpenVPN. However, just to be safe you should subscribe with a provider that uses OpenVPN. It is more safe and secure in the sense that it receives frequent security updates and it is more secured in contrast to others. You can share files at a very high speed.



That moment when you think you have perfectly solved all your online security issue, and meanwhile you are a small business and you refuse to also get other computers in your workplace connected to a VPN service. You also need to take caution of what would happen if you want to configure multiple systems to different exit nodes.  However, in order to avoid incurring extra costs later on, you should choose a VPN service which offers at least not more than three parallel connections.


Anytime you login to your VPN service you are leaving your provider with your personal information. The majority of the VPN providers always make customers aware that they do not take any interest in your login data and they don’t keep it. However, there are a few of them that store this information for some minutes or hours for maintenance purposes and to be rest assured that their systems are working fine.



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